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My father is a photographer. My sister is a photographer. I'm a photographer. I guess it runs in the family. They all live in South Africa -which is where I'm from- and I live in Boise (ID).  I don't get to see them all that often, but thanks to all the photographers in the family there's never a shortage of beautiful pictures being sent to and fro. That helps.


I received my first camera- a humble little aim-and-shoot- from my dad even before my 10th birthday. It used film which had only 36 pictures per roll, so I had to show restraint. It was so hard.


 These days my camera can crank out 36 pictures in a matter of seconds (and I do!). This makes it easier to capture all of those beautifully quirky, joyful and endearing expressions people have during their unguarded moments; best perk of digital if you ask me!


My favorite subject however is travel photography. Oftentimes I take the kids with me when I go. Love them. Love our amazing experiences together! But not so much the "mom, can you pleeeeeze stop taking pictures now ....."


 I think it's time they each get their own cameras. Maybe I'll start them with film...